Social Bookmarking - Don’t Submit And Forget

Writing by Brick Marketing, 9th Aug

Social bookmarking can deliver a lot of traffic to any site if it is managed properly. For most site owners, particularly bloggers, they submit their page to StumbleUpon or Digg, nag those in their contact list to support the submission, then sit back and expect record traffic.

Generally speaking, social bookmarking it not that easy. Once you have submitted your page, you need to start to market it which means socializing. Sending a shout is generally not enough since those on your contact lists probably receive a dozen or more shouts everyday.

To gain the attention of those whose ‘votes’ you are trying to acquire, you should spend time discussing the contents, answering questions, and, after sending a shout, responding to any comments.

Likewise with StumbleUpon or any of the other social bookmarking sites, spending a little time talking to others can often pay off. “Voting” for content from those in your contacts list may also help to draw both yourself and your submission to the attention of others.

Submitting and forgetting will generally never lead to more than a handful of ‘votes’ on any social bookmarking site unless the contents are of a really high standard. Communication, social networking and a little social marketing can go a long way to seeing a submission succeed.


Zona said…
Good for people to know.
Home Lighting said…
Social Bookmarking requires a lot of efforts to create the people interest in your website.

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