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Browzring – Free Café Management Software!

Browzring - Café management Software Company in India. It was launched on Madurai August 23, 2009. It provides solution for online advertising company, Internet café owners and Café users. Browzring is free café management and security software for Internet cafes. It’s free registration & get free download for all cafés in India. Café owners will take management reports for their café users. In report, can see café user’s details such as user name, login & logout time, which machine using their user and duration. Café owners can see remote report access also everywhere in the world. In security purpose incase of café owners facing any cyber crime issues (user forwarded some threaten mails), Browzring will be given for their café users details for that particular date. Simply Browzring software is café management and user friendly.
In Advertising field, Browzring a new ad platform called Desktop Advertising. Café users can see for relevant advertisement. It can display for loc…

Doodle 4 Google Winner "My India - Full Of Life"

Google announced 'The Doodle 4 Google - My India' competitions for all school students in India.
The theme of this competition is 'My India'. We'd love to see what your country means to you when represented in a doodle. Whether it’s music or dance, famous Indian art, Mahatma Gandhi, the Taj Mahal, cricket, our scientific achievements or the Indian people as a community- we’re interested in seeing these representations of what India means to you and how you represent it using images. Finally select the logo design will appear google India homepage(

Doodle 4 Google selecting logo design for their Google India homepage. The Winner is Puru Pratap Singh from Gurgaon. He is studing 4th Standard. value is $1,561,822,935!

I knew already everyone is surprising this title, then come and read this post. But the value is true. I am not to say this information for all of you. Yes, website value calculator analyzing for Google value. It is an independent website or blog value calculator. Its a free tool for analyzing a any website of blog. If you like to know your website value, you can go and check this site.
It provides a value report for major websites:
Google - $1,561,822,935 Yahoo - $2,634,654,786 MSN - $324,033,238 Adobe -$38,317,900 - $78 only.

My site is worth $78.
How much is yours worth?
But, don't forget anyone, it is not final value. Just Analyzing a website's approximate value.

Gmail in Five Indian Languages!

Here I proud of another one features for Gmail. Google official blog announced include 5 Indian languages for email communicate friends and family members. The Indian languages for Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. From now when we compose a new mail in Gmail, we choose to communicate with flexible languages. How it is work, when we compose a mail whatever language our like, for instance in Tamil, we type in "vanakkam" Gmail automatically convert to ”வணக்கம்”. The same method for following other Indian languages. Google provide more features for email users. We will be thank to Google. Because this feature uses for every ordinary people also. Chandramouli Mahadevan posted in Google official blog for this features.
Email in Indian Languages

Keyword Research Ethics!

What is Keyword?
Keyword is a “Search Term” that term belongs to anything. Visitors search and come to a website by any search terms. Anyway keyword is important to helping a website ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. In these days Google is best search engine for searches compare to other search engines by users. Ranking a website is important to a particular keyword phrase in search engines.
Keyword Research Ethics
How to research a keyword?
Keyword is such a word or word phrase. Generic keyword is very high competitors. Generic keyword is one word keyword. Example: Cars, Shoes.Research a keyword is to check the competitor and traffic volume analysis to a particular keyword phrase. Keyword phrase is two or more words like Teacher Jobs, Seo Services India and Madurai Web Design Company.
Select the keywords must be relevant to a website or web page. Then check the competitor and traffic volume to your keyword phrase. Your keywords should be high traffic volume with…