value is $1,561,822,935!

I knew already everyone is surprising this title, then come and read this post. But the value is true. I am not to say this information for all of you. Yes, website value calculator analyzing for Google value. It is an independent website or blog value calculator. Its a free tool for analyzing a any website of blog. If you like to know your website value, you can go and check this site.

It provides a value report for major websites:

Google - $1,561,822,935
Yahoo - $2,634,654,786
MSN - $324,033,238
Adobe -$38,317,900 - $78 only.

My site is worth $78.

But, don't forget anyone, it is not final value. Just Analyzing a website's approximate value.


breaking news said…
Very interesting numbers!
Thank you for posting!
aeronautec said…
i don't know if its so fair are sites at what gives a ridiculos amount
orologi said…
its not a fair analyze i put my site too
gives a ridiculos amount
Home Lighting said… value in terms of single word is "Great". Its Google that bought revolution in Internet.
ali said…
very interesting reviews and realy surprising
Home Lighting said…
Google ask other for their value, No one can buy google at this figure.
Raisins said…
Oh!! that's agreat value, I can not even think of it!!!!
Thanks for sharing such an useful information.

"We are a leading processor and exporter of sesame seed in India. Headquartered in the business city of Indore in central India we deal in a variety of agro commodities including hulled sesame seed, white sesame seed, chickpeas, cumin seeds, and raisins."
Unity said…
Nice post,thanks for sharing it with us.
luis said…
Interesting post,thanks for the back link.
This value is fake, how can yahoo be more costlier then Google..Think!
IBSEric said…
Google is worth less as a site than Yahoo because it is just a search engine, while Yahoo is an actual portal. That's my take on it.
Its amazing price but it is less for Company like GOOGLE.
Google is great.we can't value such an amazing site.
Vow thats huge but they should not sell themselves.
jake said…
WOW!, I'm not sure how accurate that is. I would say google is more valuable than yahoo because of their advertisement network. I'm gonna check out what my site is worth!
Good numbers

Thanks for sharing with us.
125 motorcycles said…
I cant belive how much these search engines are worth, im shocked.
Betty said…
It is incredible! I've read recently that the most expensive domain is which costs $ 1000000! Now i know that Google is the most expensive.
simon Townley said…
It's worth what someone will pay for it! Who's got that much money?
Filo Kiralama said…
My web site value is only $78 :(
global trade said…
I don't believe this results are reflecting real. Because there are lots of web site value calculater site in the web. But they are all give different prices for the same web sites.
In a short period it became No1 among the search engines
Google brought a revolution in internet marketing and search engine concept,They deserve it but as this is approximate value, actual would be far more than it.
seo solution delhi
Car Broker said…
Very excellent review, google is one of the best search engine in world.
Bravo, what words..., a magnificent idea

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