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Clusty is meta search engine developed by Vivisimo which offers of results. A cluster is a group of similar topics that are related to the original query. The aim of search engine technique is to organize numerous search results into several meaningful categories.

Clusty is a whole new way to search engine by search results. Clusty search engine has some features. Clusty search queries combine the results several search engines such as,, Open Directory and etc,. Then it has three icon every search links, like New Window, Preview and Show in Clusters. Clusty helps to us change of font size.
Clusty search engine will now be available on Mobile Phones.

A List of 101 Dofollow blogs

Introducing the AdWords 101, 201, and 301 Seminar series

Due to the success of the AdWords Seminars program, we’ve recently added a third level which builds upon the two existing AdWords Seminar levels. To help our attendees find the right session(s) that will best meet their need, we’ve renamed the sessions as AdWords 101, 201, and 301. These new sessions will be held in various cities over the rest of 2008, including Houston, New York City area, Atlanta and Charlotte, NC in the upcoming months.

Currently there are three different levels of AdWords Seminars:
AdWords 101: Beginner
AdWords 201: Intermediate
AdWords 301: Advanced

Source: Adwords Blog

YouTube co-founder looks for his next success

The St. Paul Central High School graduate and a co-founder of the popular YouTube video sharing website recently launched Youniversity Ventures, a firm that provides venture financing to Internet software start-ups by college students and first-time entrepreneurs.

Jawed Karim is scouring the Twin Cities for the next YouTube. Karim, a 29-year-old Ph.D. student at Stanford University, is believed to be worth tens of millions of dollars or more. He is a founder of online payment processor PayPal, which eBay acquired in 2002 for $1.5 billion. Four years later, Karim received $65 million in Google stock when the Internet giant bought YouTube for $1.65 billion.

He started Youniversity last year with Kevin Hartz and Keith Rabois, two Stanford grads who work with Sequoia Capital, the high-powered Silicon Valley venture firm that invested in Google, Apple, Oracle and Yahoo. The three men will invest $50,000 to $300,000 of their own money per company. For more information, go to www.youniversityv…

Yahoo! India to hire 400 Personnel

Yahoo India is expected to hire about 400 personnel over the next one year and most of them for its Centre of Excellence in Bangalore. The centre, which currently employs around 1,500 people, is looking to hire architects, user experience designers and programme managers for its expansion.

Yahoo has also developed a curriculum in partnership with BITS-Pilani (Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani) for an MS programme and the classes would be held in Bangalore. The move is aimed at discouraging the young employees from leaving the company for higher studies.

Source: Business Standard

PR Strategy to Help Plan your Online

Online publicity is one of the marketing tactics that any company should take advantage of. Most of the publicity outlets online are low or no cost and very easy to use. Unfortunately if you do not plan your publicity path they can be as much an evil as they are good!
Planning your online publicity track is not much different than planning the traditional track. It actually involves the same principles.

• Do a competitive analysis- you need to know how the public see you and your competition.

• Map your key messages- Know before you start what message you want to send and aim all articles, press releases and announcements toward those messages. This should directly tie into what you are doing offline as well.

• Press Materials- Just as you have offline you need to have press materials available online. This is simple, just create the items you would typically give out to the press and store them on a page on your website.

• Targets- Make a list of place that you want to submit your publici…

Mobile Advertising Has Arrived

Do you have a business that would appeal to travelers or business people on the move? You should consider advertising through Google’s mobile phone advertising model. You can actually run your PPC ads in front of mobile users and there are two ways to do it. You can have your click-throughs land on your mobile website or you can make your ads pay per call.

To make the first option work you actually need a website that is geared toward mobile users. You can actually take your existing site and modify it for that use. Then start running your advertising.

For the second option, you don’t even need a website. You just need a phone. And you can run mobile ads that allow clickers to call you directly from the mobile phone. Google has that capable, but so do a few other service providers such as Superpages, which pioneered the capability.

Mobile advertising is a new and effective way to reach a specific target audience that might be in your scope.

Posted by Brick Marketing

Yahoo announced Inquisiter Plugin for Safari

The Yahoo Search Blog announced that they have released a new version of my favorite search browser plugin named Inquisitor. The upgrade makes the Apple Safari search plugin faster, cleaner, and multi-lingual.

By faster, Yahoo has integrated Inquisitor with BOSS, enabling a faster return on your Yahoo queries. Yahoo has cleaned up both the Inquisitor home page and the client to be simpler and more streamlined. Finally, Yahoo has expanded the language support to Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and German.

Yahoo Launches Fire Eagle!

Yahoo has announced the general availability of a new location-sharing platform called Fire Eagle. Fire Eagle is a service that web users can employ to update their location information and share that information with web-based applications of their choosing. It's built on an open platform, so application developers can tap into the information to add location-aware features to their services.

Movable Type, for example, has built a Fire Eagle plug-in that displays users' locations on their blogs, automatically updating the information every time users rebuild their sites. With Fire Eagle, Pownce, a site for sharing music, photos and other files, now can geotag messages.
Yahoo envisions Fire Eagle as a single tool for users to manage their location information, deciding which applications can and can't have access to their location. In addition, users can choose the level of location detail that an application can access, such as the name of the city only or a more precise lo…

Google-Yahoo Release Some Details of Their Search Ad Deal

Posted by Arnold Zafra

Those who have been watching closely while Google and Yahoo iron out some kinks in their search ad deal would be glad to know that the two search engines have partially disclosed some information about it. In a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Google and Yahoo have made publicly available the contract governing their advertising agreement, although leaving out some more important details such as financial terms and how the two companies will split revenues they would earn from the deal.It might be an unusual move from Google and Yahoo, but if you’re the the two search engines who are about to combine forces, with a projected combined search market share of around 90% and analysts and critics are watching you’re every move, I guess the next best thing to do is feed them what they need/want.So, what are these details that were disclosed as reported by Reuters? Actually, there were nothing that we don’t already know of. We already know that the…

The Bare Bones Of SEO

Writing by Nick Stamoulis
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a complex process with a host of variables that could be tweaked. At the same time there is a bare bones approach to SEO that can get your site, and more importantly, its pages, on the road to a reasonable search result placement.

It should be remembered that search engines return pages as results, not sites, however this doesn’t mean that a sites ranking are not important. Everything counts. These bare bones SEO tips should be considered the bare minimum.

1. Include keywords in the HTML title tags.
2. Include keywords in all URL’s.
3. Highlight keywords by making them bold and using them in headings.
4. Link to other pages that rank well for the keyword.
5. Use H1 and H2 tags around the keyword, when appropriate.
6. Obtain links from quality sites in your niche.
7. Where possible, get the sites linking to you to use your keywords in the anchor text of the link.
8. Create additional keyword optimized conte…

Back To School PPC: Start Your Campaign Now

Have you launched your back to school PPC campaigns yet? It’s time. If you have not already done so then now is the time to get those back to school PPC campaigns optimized and activated. The first day of school is just around the corner.

So what types of products are great for selling this time of year?

Start Your Campaign Now

Check Your WordPress SEO Traps

WordPress is by far the most popular blog software in use at present. Out of the box, most WordPress themes are terrible when it comes to SEO. So bad in fact it could actually be costing you when it comes to search result placings.

Many of the SEO problems associated with WordPress can be fixed. If you have obtained an SEO friendly theme then some of these problems should have been taken care of. SEO problems include:

Check Your WordPress SEO Traps

Social Bookmarking - Don’t Submit And Forget

Writing by Brick Marketing, 9th Aug
Social bookmarking can deliver a lot of traffic to any site if it is managed properly. For most site owners, particularly bloggers, they submit their page to StumbleUpon or Digg, nag those in their contact list to support the submission, then sit back and expect record traffic.

Generally speaking, social bookmarking it not that easy. Once you have submitted your page, you need to start to market it which means socializing. Sending a shout is generally not enough since those on your contact lists probably receive a dozen or more shouts everyday.

To gain the attention of those whose ‘votes’ you are trying to acquire, you should spend time discussing the contents, answering questions, and, after sending a shout, responding to any comments.

Likewise with StumbleUpon or any of the other social bookmarking sites, spending a little time talking to others can often pay off. “Voting” for content from those in your contacts list may also help to draw both yoursel…

New News Search Engine: Newsflashr launched a new type of search engine for news stories today. Users are prompted to enter keywords and the search results are polled and displayed in real-time from many of the leading news services such as MSN Live, Ask Big News, Google News, Yahoo News, MSNBC, Digg and Twitter to name a few.

New News Search Engine Newsflashr

Google China Music Search Live

Google has released a Music search site for China – and China only, unless you’re using a proxy* to access it. We discovered traces of this a while ago, and the Wall Street Journal also covered Google’s plans before. In China, music searching is one of the existing advantages of competing services like Baidu over Google, but now Google may try to find a more legal, licensed basis for such a site.

Read more Google China Music Search Live

Microsoft Webmaster Tools Update

Microsoft has just released an update to their Webmaster Tools. It's a significant update, with lots of new functionality in it. My guess is that a large number of SEOs will adopt this new tool as a part of their tool set.

Read this post Microsoft Webmaster Tools

Google Releases Update to Ad Planner

Google just launched Ad Planner a little over a month ago, and already the media measurement and planning tool is getting an update. The new features are based on user feedback. Here's what you can look forward to, straight from the horse's mouth: New metrics and dataWe've added additional metrics for site visitation including average time on site, total visits, and average visits per visitor. These metrics can be useful in understanding how engaged users are with a particular site. In addition, we've upgraded our content categorization algorithms and have improved content category labels.Direct-add functionalityIf you have an idea about some sites you'd like to include in your media plan, you can now add them directly to your plan rather than having to locate them using the research function.In-plan indicatorThe research tab in Google Ad Planner now indicates the sites that are already in your media plan, to help prevent sites from being added multiple times.

Join the e-Commerce Conversation!

I’m Jim Hunt, senior director of PayPal merchant services. My team and I talk with our merchants every day, and I’m always fascinated by how innovative they are about their businesses, products and brands. So, we thought others would benefit from their expertise as well. This month, we’ll bring together some of our merchant partners along with industry experts from JupiterResearch to discuss issues facing e-commerce companies and best practices for building a successful business on the web.

e-commerce conversation

Yahoo Board Meeting: 60 Second Summary

Posted by Kevin Heisler at Aug 1

Jim Goldman, who writes Tech Check at CNBC, is live blogging the Yahoo shareholder meeting.
The turnout was light and much lower than expected. So far there have been no fireworks, with only a facetious request that Yahoo Board members punch time cards to prove how long they're working. (Roy Bostock said, no problem.)
Yahoo Chairman Roy Bostock reiterated the standard Yahoo strategy and said the company was hitting its targets.
He noted, "Microsoft's initial $31 bid was the only written proposal ever received by the company...In an offhand comment, (Microsoft said to one of our executives), 'There may be a few more dollars on the table. It was never explicitly communicated to the board, and never communicated in writing."
On Yahoo's partnership with Google, Bostock said, "After Microsoft withdrew the offer, and only after they withdrew the offer, we entered into a deal with Google."
Jerry Yang talked about how he's (st…