Mobile Advertising Has Arrived

Do you have a business that would appeal to travelers or business people on the move? You should consider advertising through Google’s mobile phone advertising model. You can actually run your PPC ads in front of mobile users and there are two ways to do it. You can have your click-throughs land on your mobile website or you can make your ads pay per call.

To make the first option work you actually need a website that is geared toward mobile users. You can actually take your existing site and modify it for that use. Then start running your advertising.

For the second option, you don’t even need a website. You just need a phone. And you can run mobile ads that allow clickers to call you directly from the mobile phone. Google has that capable, but so do a few other service providers such as Superpages, which pioneered the capability.

Mobile advertising is a new and effective way to reach a specific target audience that might be in your scope.

Posted by Brick Marketing


Anna said…
Thanks for sharing one more idea of advertizing in our quickly varying contemporary world! I especially like that it is almost free! I'm looking forward to use my phone in such a way!

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