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Google Analytics introducing Content Experiments!

Yesterday, Google Analytics announced content experiments for goals measuring, testing and optimizing in one place. Content Experiments allows you to test how well different version of your web pages work from your random visitors. 

Google integrates content experiments to Google Analytics tool and reporting much better to Website optimizer. Google will say goodbye to the standalone tool Google website optimizer on August 2012. According to Google Analytics Blog, 

"The last day you’ll be able to access Google Website Optimizer, and any reports for current or past experiments, will be August 1, 2012."  

Content Experiments, What you can do:

  • Compare how different web pages performing with your website visitors
  • Define the percentage of your visitors are included In the experiment
  • Choose what type of goal you’d like to test 
  • Get updates by email about how your experiment id doing ( not currently available)
Content Experiments easy to test your web page how performing from your visitors. You can define after the experiments which page getting the more conversions and all. It will provide advance reports like page metrics, goal conversions, how many visitors engage your experiments etc.,

Yahoo! Axis redefines search and browse on Web.

Yahoo! announced Yahoo! Axis is a new mobile browser and desktop plug-in. This tool redefines how internet users search and browse the web with Visual interaction. Yahoo! Axis is available for iOS such as iPhone, iPad and Desktop browser add-ons. The software offers  faster and smarter search with instant answers with visual search thumbnails.

Yahoo! Axis logged in users can browse, bookmarks, save urls for later reading and last viewed. On webpronews, Sean Patterson is blogging about Yahoo! Axis features and how it works.

Amazon Launched Online Cloud Storage Drive

Amazon launched a new service online Cloud Storage Drive to allowing customers to store their digital files.  The service gives their customers 5GB of storage space at free of charge. This service already provided by Google and Microsoft called Google Docs and Microsoft SkyDrive.  The customers can upload the digital files such as music, videos, pictures and all kind of documents from their computer to Amazon cloud drive. They can access to download their files anywhere and any web connected computer.

Amazon cloud drive is a hard drive to store your files and access to download anywhere in the world. You haven’t worry about your hard disk crashes, if losing your files. The Cloud drive stored securely. There is more additional storage GB plans 20GB to 1000GB. if you have to need, you can purchase the suitable plan.

AOL Launched Local Time Module!

AOL Search engine launched Local Time Module. Need to contact a friend, family member or business contact in San Diego, CA,  Asheville, NC or Istanbul, Turkey? Don't wake them up in the middle of the night! Just search for AOl Search

The format example is search for "virginia time"

Virginia - Current Local Time

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

AOL search blog explained more about Local Time Module.

Gmail Introduces Priority Inbox Beta! Get through your email faster

Priority Inbox helps save your time from all your less important emails. It displays identified marked as important and unread. It’s automatically identifies your important emails and separates it out from all your emails. If you want to get back to a message later, you can just mark with a star.

How to Priority Inbox find your email is important? Gmail already has a great a spam filter. And based on which emails you read and reply frequently. Gmail automatically find for your conversation emails like replay the email and you can customize your priority email as important or not important from Settings from Priority Inbox tab.

Short about Priority Inbox

Email is great, except when there’s too much of it. Priority Inbox automatically identifies your important email and separates it out from everything else, so you can focus on what really matters.

Automatic sorting
Gmail uses a variety of signals to identify important email, including which messages you open and which you reply to.

Sections keep you organized
Incoming email gets separated into sections: important and unread, starred, and everything else. Don’t like these? Customize them. 

Predictions improve over time
Over time, Priority Inbox gets better at predicting what’s important to you. You can help train it using the buttons. 

Note: Priority Inbox is not fully available in Gmail on a mobile device

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