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Aardvark Joins with Google!

Google was excited to announce that they have Acquired Aardvark.
Aardvark is a new kind of social search website. You may think what this new kind of search is. Yes, I know. Mostly, we are searching to find the information regarding what we want in the webpage. Aardvark is just different kind of search. Sometimes you like to ask a person to answer your question, not a webpage. You can ask any kind of questions to Aardvark. Aardvark will discover the perfect person in your network to answer in a minutes. Aardvark is such a unique technology that lets you can get answers quickly and easily.
Aardvark will be available through Google Labs. Aardvark will remain fully operational and completely free, providing quick, helpful answers to all of your questions. Read Aardvark Blog