Amazon Launched Online Cloud Storage Drive

Amazon launched a new service online Cloud Storage Drive to allowing customers to store their digital files.  The service gives their customers 5GB of storage space at free of charge. This service already provided by Google and Microsoft called Google Docs and Microsoft SkyDrive.  The customers can upload the digital files such as music, videos, pictures and all kind of documents from their computer to Amazon cloud drive. They can access to download their files anywhere and any web connected computer.

Amazon cloud drive is a hard drive to store your files and access to download anywhere in the world. You haven’t worry about your hard disk crashes, if losing your files. The Cloud drive stored securely. There is more additional storage GB plans 20GB to 1000GB. if you have to need, you can purchase the suitable plan.


NIce! Did you actually try out the service? I am worried about storing my music in the cloud, because if someone hacked it they will know I listen to justin bieber and hannah montanna *blush*
Amazon is still in with all these technology modification and sale. We can say, with this, it's here to stay.
Finally amazon take big steps providing this service and i think it's going to be HOT next years.
Are there other Cloud storages that are compatiable with Amazon one?
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I need to try the online cloud storage device. Thanks for sharing
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5GB is a considerable number of storage. How generous Amazon has proved themselves.
Really really happy to hear such good news from Amazon. Hope they keeps doing this in the futures.
viec lam ha noi said…
With the storage like this, hope it will run smoothly.
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You haven’t worry about your hard disk crashes, if losing your files.
futures trading said…
I'm waiting to see what Amazon will provide next.
Thanks for the awareness. Quality subject to dwell upon.

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