Doodle 4 Google Winner "My India - Full Of Life"

Google announced 'The Doodle 4 Google - My India' competitions for all school students in India.

The theme of this competition is 'My India'. We'd love to see what your country means to you when represented in a doodle. Whether it’s music or dance, famous Indian art, Mahatma Gandhi, the Taj Mahal, cricket, our scientific achievements or the Indian people as a community- we’re interested in seeing these representations of what India means to you and how you represent it using images. Finally select the logo design will appear google India homepage(

Doodle 4 Google selecting logo design for their Google India homepage. The Winner is Puru Pratap Singh from Gurgaon. He is studing 4th Standard.


Anonymous said…
Dear Author !
It was my error.
mp3mania said…
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Betty said…
As I know, Google is the only search engine which changes the look of its logo regularly - it depends on the location (as it is described in the article) and on a holiday which occurs on each day of the year.
but this 4th standard child Puru Pratap Singh has done it so beautifully considering our national bird..really good

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Kate said…
It was interesting to know about such unusual competition - Google has an ability to surprise its users all over the Internet!
Eswari said…
Its really amazing art in his little age. Hats off to him. Thanks for your interesting post
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AM just impressed looking at this child talent so nicely he explained the truth of his country..
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