The MapQuest Toolbar

MapQuest is a toolbar as service provides owned by AOL. MapQuest is a map publisher and a free online web mapping service. Mapquest toolbar is all the information you need is right on your web browser. Whether you use Internet Explorer or Firefox, the Mapquest toolbar provides one-click access to their most popular features, including gas prices, traffic conditions, and driving directions.

Say you are planning a road trip, the toolbar allows you to surf the Internet without ever losing access to Mapquest or AOL Search. Click on the 'Maps' button to get instant access to maps anywhere in the world. Once you find where you want to go, click the 'Directions' button for step-by-step directions straight to your location.

A MapQuest-branded Yellow Pages service is provided by AOL. Other services include a world atlas, and MapQuest Mobile. MapQuest Mobile is a service providing maps and driving directions to any Web-enabled Mobile phone or Personal Digital Assistant. MSN, Yahoo! and Google have competing services as followed Google Maps, Windows Live Local.

You can also customize your toolbar with your choice of buttons, such as Facebook and Weather, by clicking on your toolbar. For instance, You want to Youtube, wikipedia, craigslist and all of other features.


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